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DISTRIBUTIng THE inheritance

Once the estate inventory is registered and approved, the estate’s assets must be transferred to the heirs. This involves the transfer of ownership and contractual obligations and settling mortgages.

Transferring ownership of real estate and other property

If you inherit a property or part thereof, you need to report that you are the new owner/coowner. This is not done automatically.

You will need to apply to The Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority (Lantmäteriet) in the region where the property is located for a new entry in the land register. When you apply, The Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority (Lantmäteriet) will need to see your registered estate inventory.

In many cases, the bank that has approved your mortgage will be able to help you with the registration of title.

Change of ownership at lantmateriet.se External link.

Settling or transferring a mortgage

A mortgage is not automatically written off when someone dies. Any such loan must be settled or transferred to someone else. If there is a mortgage on a property, you must contact the bank that has lent the money to find out how the mortgage can be settled or if it can be transferred into someone else’s name.

Taking over a tenancy or other contract

If you and the deceased had a joint tenancy, the contract should be changed. Contact your landlord to have the correct name entered on the contract and rent invoices.

Power of attorney to represent the estate

The estate is represented jointly by all parties to the estate until such time as it is wound up. If the parties to the estate wish to be represented by someone else, they must sign a power of attorney.

A distribution of estate document when there is more than one heir

If there are multiple heirs, who is to receive what must be documented in a distribution of estate document. You can prepare a distribution of estate document yourself, have someone else do it or engage the services of a lawyer. All heirs should sign the document, which then becomes a legally binding agreement. This agreement shows that you are all in agreement. Retain the distribution of estate document. This does not need to be sent to anyone.

The bank transfers money to the heirs

Once the estate inventory and any division of property is completed, the deceased’s bank will transfer money to the heir(s). The person with access to the accounts is responsible for ensuring that the inheritance is paid. When you contact the bank you will need the distribution of estate document showing who is to receive money.

Remember to take your original powers of attorney, distribution of estate document and the estate inventory registered with the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) to your meeting with the bank.

Content of the distribution of estate document

  1. Remaining assets to be inherited once all debts are paid
  2. The names of the parties to the estate
  3. The names of the heirs
  4. Any prenuptial agreement and/or will.

Take these documents to the bank with you

  1. You will need an estate inventory registered with the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket).
  2. If there is a will, you will need that.
  3. You will need a distribution of estate document signed by all parties to the estate.
  4. A representative of the estate requires powers of attorney from the parties to the estate.

Register new owners for cars, boats and other vehicles

If you inherit or sell a vehicle from an estate, you need to notify the change of ownership to the Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen). The notification must be signed by either a party to the estate, an estate administrator or another representative of the estate.

Change of ownership, transportstyrelsen.se External link.

Handing in firearms left in the estate

If the deceased owned any firearms, the police will send information regarding what you should do with them. If you wish to keep the firearms, you will need to apply to the police for a transfer of ownership.

About firearms in the event of death, polisen.se (in Swedish) External link, opens in new window.

Contact the bank, close accounts and distribute money

As a party to the estate, you can contact the deceased’s bank to transfer money to the heirs and close their accounts. You will need to present the estate inventory and distribution of estate document to show that you have the right to represent the estate.

Ask others to help you

Do not hesitate to ask for help with what feels difficult and to receive help if you are offered.

Last updated: 2022-10-18